A place where you can be reminded of the little nuggets of happiness and the ever-present, yet overlooked epiphanies of mini-enlightenment that remind us daily Why... Life Doesn't Suck .




Don't worry.  It's not just you.  We all get bogged down or overwhelmed by the combination of daily activities, constant demands on our time and the news of the day.  Trust us - we all need a little reminder sometimes.

Story Blog

This is where you can go to see some of the things we might have been taking for granted previously.  Read about what we noticed, or the nuggets that have been shared with us on the blog.

Music Blog

This is a separate area where we remind people of the music and music-related things in life that make it worth living.  It may be biased a little, but its things we really like.


“We tend to overlook all the wonderful things we've got going for us, and its great to be reminded...”

And don't forget

Laugh and smile - its the best medicine.
Say please and thank you - gratitude helps.
Acknowledge others - they will appreciate it.
Treat others how you want to be treated - duh.
Ask yourself what went well today - something did.