Why... Ophelia (The Band) Doesn’t Suck

Ever sat and listened to “Ophelia” by The Band?  It’s a classic song and one that seems to be resurging in popularity over the last year.   It was released in 1975 on the album Northern Lights - Southern Cross and it appears to have been received well when it came out.  It’s been covered lately by bands like The Lumineers and when I was recently in Nashville I heard an amazing trio in a BBQ joint preparing to play it, so it’s resonating with musicians of all ages.  

I bring up this song here because it simply doesn’t suck.  When you listen to Ophelia it evokes an emotional response.  It’s one of happiness and joy and levity.  It has the feel I experience when traveling through a town like New Orleans but without the little hint of danger in its bones.  It’s a joyous Saturday afternoon that’s full of smiles and soul.  It’s a picnic waiting to amp up into a party. 

I’ve been familiar with The Band for years, but it’s only in the last 5 years or so that I have grown to recognize them for the legacy they left behind.  This song, with its multi-layered soul is the quintessential example of why people love this group.  You can carry “The Weight” but you need to Ophelia to lighten the load on your soul.