Why... Millworker, by James Taylor

James Taylor has lots of great songs.  He is a storyteller and is most well known as a card carrying member of the "Yacht Rock" canon, so as a result he doesn't get the attention he deserves from millenials or fans of the more rock-oriented type.  Its unfortunate because his songs are like a nice cup of tea or a tasty scoop of ice cream - they are soothing and calming and something to be savored.

Millworker is one of those songs.  Its not his most well know song but its a more descriptive view of life in a small factory town, and the pain that ensues from an existence that the narrator feels is wasted.  I originally uncovered the song when Eddie Vedder sang it on tour a few years ago (his solo tour).  The lyrics grabbed me because i remember the room being silent and people truly intent on understanding what it was about.  I went back and listened to the James Taylor version and found the same sense of longing and dreaming in it.  Bruce Springsteen has apparently covered the song as well, which seems to fit because of his role as the troubadour of New Jersey.

The narrator is wrapped in a bleak existence, but there's a hint of aspiration in their voice.  Its pain and contentedness wrapped in the same blanket of pain.  The song most certainly doesn't suck, so i highly recommend you give it a shot.