When you realize your kids like your music...

You come home from work, and it's been a long week.  You're tired and you go to put your stuff on your desk.  You look at your desk and there's a picture that your 8-year-old son left for you.  He obviously spent some time on it and you realize just how close of attention he was paying and that he actually really likes your favorite band.  That is a moment that reminds you just how much... Life Doesn't Suck.


Welcome To Why Life Doesn't Suck!

This is a basic idea - to help share news, ideas, stories and anecdotes about little things that remind us Why Life Doesn't Suck.  We all get busy and we all get overwhelmed.  Stress and anxiety can take its toll, but all in all it's pretty awesome to be alive.

If you're down, or you just need a little pick me up, come and visit us.  We'll do our best to try and provide a little insight, some gratitude and spread a little happiness in your direction.

And just for the record, and in case you didn't quite get it from the name of the site, this is not some new age, over the top, hippy approach to peace, love and happiness.  This is real, genuine, authentic and true.  We are just as cynical as you, so don't expect to see something here we don't truly believe.  If you think you do see it, call B.S. on us and let us know.

Have a great day!

The WLDS Team